Gauteng: As of today (2019), Abortion is now legal in South Africa!

abortion pills

Gauteng: A criminal offence as once was in Gauteng, however as well as a mother’s physical and mental state, there are other considerations taken into account in Gauteng including both economic and social factors.

South African Capital Territory: Abortion was a crime until 2002, but now, women in the ACT can receive an abortion without any legal issues, and the medical provider also faces no risk of legal sanction for performing the procedure on the woman.

Gauteng: Abortion is decriminalized, and a pregnant woman who requests an abortion is entitled to one up to 24 weeks into her pregnancy. After this time, an abortion is still allowed if a medical practitioner believes it is appropriate and has approval from a second practitioner. Also, if a doctor objects for personal reasons, they are obliged to send the patient to a non-biased doctor.

South Africa: Lawful under certain circumstances, but one of the more simple states to acquire the procedure. The abortion must be done in a hospital or approved facility, but there is limited availability of medical abortion in the state. Also, the women must have lived in South Africa for a minimum of two months, unless there is a fetal abnormality or threat to the mother’s life or health.